by Darian stahl

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ἐπιμέλεια, don, woov, a desert ferret, & a sunset angel


released May 18, 2015

arthur opening a door, milo's whistle,



all rights reserved


Darian stahl San Antonio, Texas

darian: insensitive pony, honeybean, juanito flacko

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Track Name: Cloudy
u get cloud when
u get scared
i went to the party & i wish i wasnt there

u know id rather sleep on the
floor than put u out
ive gone on a smoke break & im never coming out
Track Name: Gosh
oooo why did i
let myself stay in bed?
its not like anyone could
see me

i sense a shift
i feel like shit
but ill watch the sunset i guess

i got a text
it said regret
but i;; watch the sunset i guess

whats numb is best
it screams success
but ill watch the sunset i guess

the lights caress
moves thro my chest
but i'll watch the sunset i guess
Track Name: Vessel
my body wont bloom like urs does
i wish i knew why u liked me
its too hard to get up
when its not to hard to sleep

i dont know what im doing in the desert
i dont know what ive done
ive got most of my weed stolen
by mostly everyone

ur vessel makes me foggy
ur words make me warm
ive gone back on mostly everything
that ive already sworn

i dont know what im doing in the desert
i dont know what ive done
ive got most of my weed stolen
by mostly everyone

by mostly everyone
Track Name: Inhale like
i want to inhale u
u are the moon
& i'll melt like snow
under u

o o o o o o odo ouo
oh odo o oo o o u
du uhu duh duh
Track Name: That im ok
don wrote me a letter
& i read it w my friends
it made clear a lot of things
but there's one thing i dont understand

& its whether or not anything will ever change
especially this nagging feeeling that
alone is how ill stay

well i looked tyhro all my texts
& i couldnt feel a lot
i hope its not too obvious that im smoking too much pot

but im trying to learn how to hold my own hand
& how not to feel like garbage when nothing goes as planned
& that im ok
Track Name: Canada
both my skin & urs
truly mirrored the sunset
i had never skipped so much w out
feeling some regret

i helped u pick some flowers
for ur book so u could press
nothing can steal from my mind
how the leaves stuck to ur dress

ooo mmmmmmm mmm ooo

now the suns dangling down from my neck
& it feels like it should be
i havent taken out the braids
u & ur sisters gave to me

but now im stuck in santa fe
& all i want is to be back
i know my hands want to feel
what it is that they truly lack

ooo mmmmmmm mm ooo